Learning to fly

  • Utgivningsår och antal sidor: 2010, 248 s. hft
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  • In Europe social pedagogy, both as a knowledge domain and a subject, has for some time now found itself at a crossroads. Increasingly, it is regarded as a powerful instrument with which to work with challenges in society and, as a consequence, its stature has grown in both academia and applied social work. The strength of social pedagogy lies in it\'s adaptability to social conditions and to the target groups to which it is aimed. Social pedagogy is therefore best understood as something that takes place in the here and now (in situ).  The aim of this book is to develop the understanding of learning in and for society where social pedagogy is the starting point that represents a common dimension of knowledge and acting. It is used to describe a variety of processes of learning and perspectives on society. In this way, new theories and concepts can grow, contributing to the development of social pedagogy. By describing and exemplifying the arenas that form the contexts of application for social pedagogy, structural obstacles and opportunities can be described and understood from a social pedagogic perspective.